Monday, 11 June 2012

Titanic the Musical: Review

Thanks to my friend Thea for this photo!

This last Saturday I went with my mum and some friends to see Titanic the Musical, by the West Kirby theatre group. The theatre is one of my favourite things and every time I go, I leave wishing I went more often. It's so much more dynamic than going to the cinema, so much more compelling.

I love the story of the Titanic and each time I watch the movie I'm sure I end up a little bit more in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. The musical features no rich lady and poor man and their love affair, though. Instead it follows the lives of several couples and people on the ship. We see a young irish man and three irish girls all called Kate in 3rd class - Not sure if the writer ran out of names at this point or if Irish girls often have the same name? There's a middle class couple who embarrassingly long to be in first class. Then there are the first class - including a pompous lady with some gorgeous dogs. Unfortunately the dogs only featured once, I would have liked to see more of them.

The play began with a man singing, which grew to three men and then a small chorus. What beautiful voices they had! I could have listened to them sing all of the songs throughout the musical but then when the bigger chorus numbers came up, it became apparent they weren't the only ones with beautiful voices! The whole cast seemed to be made up of amazing singers. I can really say I enjoyed the music aspect to the play so much!

I was amazed by the child actors, they were every bit as part of the play as the adults were. The horror on their faces as the 'boat sunk' was so realistic I would have believed we really were watching the Titanic sink. They really captured the moment. As did every actor on the stage. The whole scene with the boat sinking was so horrifyingly thrilling. It was definitely the pinnacle of the performance for me. It definitely brings to home what actually happened on that day.

When the glamour that Hollywood made it into is put aside and you reflect on what it was that actually happened, it really is hard hitting. The musical allows you to do that and I really appreciate the story of the Titanic a lot more now.

I can definitely recommend this play. If it's on in a theatre near you find some time to see it! I suggest buying the programme too, it's full of history behind the story and makes good bedtime reading. Or on the train reading, which is where I read it!

I hope if you're not much of a theatre-goer that I didn't bore you but that I inspired you to give the theatre a try! I'm off to bed ready for an early start in the morning for work. I hope you're well.

Georgia X

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  1. nice post...Titanic is not only tragedy but also beautiful love story.(although the end is pathetic)
    btw mind to fllw each other

  2. I don't like musicals, I will check it out!

  3. Great post!

    Maybe want to follow each other?:)

  4. That's so cool! Since I moved to Paris I haven't seen my mum, exactly 1 year 2 months and 13 days :( I miss going to the movies with her! ;)




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