Thursday, 5 July 2012

H&M: Instore or Online

H&M, one of my favourite stores! I'm pretty sure that most of you readers will be nodding your heads in agreement with me. You can get fabulous in-style pieces at reasonable prices and they're always leading the way with fashion. I used to work in a shopping centre at a popular chocolate shop and H&M was literally two minutes away... I spent many lunch breaks in there! The office where I work now is in a city centre and the H&M is only a ten minute walk away from there, what a lucky girl I am! I have never bought online with them until now because the convenience their locations have been to me. One Saturday morning I spotted that they had a brilliant sale on and I was in want of a blazer, I didn't want to wait till work on Monday to purchase it as I was worried they may run out of my size so I made my first online purchase with them. Read on for my pro's and con's of instore shopping versus online shopping.

Most people would start with the Pro's but the Con's come to mind first so that's where I'm going to start first..

  • It's messy! H&M sales turn their store into a Primark look-a-like - a big heap of clothes cover the sale section where people aren't scared to dig right in, searching for buried treasure. 
  • Variety of sizes. I may never be the first one at a sale but I'm definitely never the last but by the time I get there all my size has usually sold out in whatever I want - not that this is H&M's fault, just one of those things!
Online (where to begin...)
  • From the day I made my purchase it took 2 weeks and 3 days for the order to arrive with me... The longest I have ever waited for an online purchase is a week, I even went into H&M during this time and made another purchase!
  • I sent an email asking where my purchase was after a week and a half and they didn't reply until yesterday, a day after me receiving it. The email wasn't very personal, it felt like they hadn't read my message.
  • Variety of sizes again, why is most of the nation apparently the same size as me? Oh well!
  • Really the whole time and communication problems have rather frustrated me and I could go on but I'll leave it that!

  • Helpful sales assistants! I couldn't decide which dress between two to buy and the sales assistant  was there to help, always good for an indecisive person like myself!
  • H&M had done their best at organising into price and size sections which gave me a rough idea which sections I wanted to look at but as I said this had unfortunately got messed up a lot. 
  • Speed. I like being able to do what I want to do and finish it as soon as I want to, they were quick on the tills which made for a quick exit!
  • I love how well-priced H&M are anyway but the sale makes them even better priced. No postage price either, yay!
  • It's a lot easier to see if a product is in your size than it is in-store, no rummaging just one simple click!
  • Extra discounts! If you join their newsletter they give you 25% off the most expensive item you buy and I found a voucher code which gave me an extra £5 off the whole order (Enter: 1304 at checkout)
  • Items which may not be in your local store.. I haven't seen anything I bought online from them in my local store.
  • They do have a tracking service that should keep you up-to date with where your order is. 
Have you had any bad/good experiences with online shopping? What were your thoughts?

All in all, I got some gorgeous clothes for gorgeous prices! (The blazer cost me a mere £7.49!) I am planning to feature them in an outfit post soon. I may not be ordering online from them any time soon but I will definitely be visiting their store!

Hope you're all well, I'll leave you with a couple of terrible photos of me and the bf :)
Georgia X


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  2. H&M can get really messy but I still prefer to in-store shopping. Nice post!!

  3. I prefer instore shopping than online. It ain't easy to find clothes that fit in a very small frame like mine. :) Great post!


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  5. i havent actually ordered anything from H&M online but i have so many pieces which ive gotten in store! i do love it and you can get such treasures :)

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