Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday's Favourite: Fashion Magazine

Does a wedding magazine count as a fashion book? It follows the latest wedding trends so I guess that it does. I love having the excuse to buy wedding magazines, my favourite is You&Your Wedding. Finding ideas, cutting them out and sticking them in my ideas scrapbook is actually really fun. They have a great website, too. There's a forum where you can discuss and pass on tips with other brides and past brides, there's lots of planning tools free to use and plenty of articles brimming with ideas!

They have just done an Autumn weddings mood board on their website which was really sweet and perfect for this season. Brown earthy tones mixed with sparkling gold, dainty, girly pieces besides unique, quirky items all put you in the mood for a wedding! Why not take a look for yourself...

Being good at DIY is perfect for a wedding on a budget or having friend's who are good at DIY is even better. This place-card alternative is a lovely personal touch and you don't have to be good at DIY to make these. Wooden pegs, a good biro, small adhesive decorations and neat handwriting is all you need. If you want to take the DIY even further, there are plenty of drinks you can make yourself for literally a few pounds. I was watching a TV show (I can't remember the name, whoops!) and they suggested making elderflower champagne as a fantastic budget wedding tip. Get on to good old and Google and take a look for ideas!
Are you, your fiancée or someone you know a maestro in the kitchen? There are all sorts of home-cooked goodies and treats you can whip up yourselves with little cost. That does depend on where you shop for your ingredients too, though! This next idea probably is one for more experienced bakers or definitely worth a practice run before the big day, at least. This could be a great idea instead of a dessert or as small gifts for all your guests to take home with them.
To take a look at the other pieces in the mood board or to find out where to buy those pieces you can read the rest of the You&Your Wedding article here. I am actually in London for a short break with work so I should go. I hope you all enjoyed this small wedding post!

Georgia X

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  1. I really enjoyed this wedding post and it made me remember planning for mine - such a fun, exciting & memorable time! Hope you get to enjoy your time in London xx


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