Friday, 15 March 2013

And The Award Goes To...

Okay, okay I don't need telling that I have officially won the award for worst blogger ever. How can I apologise enough? I have been so caught up in wedding planning, job interviews and vintage fayres that I have neglected my poor Satiable Fashion.

I think 75% of my brain is constantly thinking wedding at the moment so look out for my wedding posts! Promise ;) I'd like to think I would make a pretty good wedding planner, everything is going so dreamily. So yes, that leaves me 25% of brain to get myself to job interviews and fayres on time. To add to the mayhem my diary went missing for weeks, mum found it yesterday so I'm back on track.

I don't have any pictures of my own to share with you as any recent ones are on Sam's mac, I think but today I found out about this gorgeous clothing label which then inspired me to write a blog about it. I love dressing vintage but for everyday it can seem a bit too much so I always try to add a vintage inspired twist to a modern outfit... I need not look any further with this range, Miss Patina; is all of that and more. Time for me to stop using words and start using photos so you can see for yourself....

It's all so pretty and feminine and patterned and and... All those collars! Before today I was pretty sure my collection of shirts and dresses was complete but now I realise how foolish I was, it will not be complete without a large proportion of Miss Patina added to it. There is just one tincy, little problem though... They don't sell shoes or handbags! So if you're like me and are literally drooling over those brown loafers and the two cute bags, it means looking else where for them. People of Miss Patina, please be kind and share the secret of those loafers. Where did they come from?

All these pretty clothes have put me in the mood for summer, as much as I love winter I'm getting to the point that I can't wait to ditch the tights and massive furry coat! I'll be sad to stop wearing jumpers though, I miss my woolley's so much that I generally still wear them every now and then cause I'm still always so cold in the summer but that always just results in people questioning my sanity. I don't care though - if I get cold, I will wear a jumper! What's the one thing you'll be sad about saying goodbye to come summer? I want to make sure I'm not the only crazy person out there who misses winter or at least aspects of it!

Thank you to any loyal and faithful readers who read this, I hope you haven't given up on me! I hope you're all itching to check out Miss Patina, if you are go and shop now: Miss Patina Yes, I said now!

Georgia X


  1. That clothes does look perfect....nice to see some spring/summer inspiration. It was dreadfully cold today but I kind of liked it...let the winter hits us with what it got (before moving on with dreamy sunny spring).

  2. Great post and blog. Lets follow each other?

  3. These clothes are gorgeous will have to take a look

    Carrieanne x


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