Sunday, 14 April 2013

Retro Revival

One of a bloggers worst nightmares happened in our household over the last couple of weeks... The internet went down! We're all back online again though so don't worry I've not deserted you again! So much has happened these last couple of weeks... Firstly, I got a new job! I just had time to update my bio on the side of my blog before my internet died so you may have noticed this already haha but if you're a reader of my blog you will have seen the post I did on Miss Patina a few weeks ago. I am now a concession manager for their concession in one of my local Topshops! I started around three weeks ago and I am loving it, everyone I work with is so lovely and all the clothes...! I need not say anymore, I have already made a few purchases thanks to my very loverly staff discount.

Secondly, my last post was an entry for Money Supermarkets money saving tips competition and... I WON!!! £450 worth of John Lewis gift vouchers are going to be an amazing help to our wedding! I really can't reiterate how worth it is entering competitions to help you along the way. What a lot of excitement!

Sam and I did a vintage fayre at the weekend, I don't have a full outfit photo but I thought I would share with you some snapshots...

Getting up so early takes it toll!
Excuse our silly faces, these are the only shots I have of our stall! One half my mum does, the other half Sam and I do. You can't really see our products but it is a treasure trove!

My sisters came to visit, a long with my dad and one of their boyfriends but I only managed to get a photo with my youngest sister, Ellie
Not brilliant photos but it gives you an idea of how everyone dresses up and the retro dancing that goes on is so entertaining!
Peppermint bark! My elder little sister makes this at Christmas.. It's milk, dark and white chocolate melted together, seasoned with peppermint essence and crush candy cane on top, it tastes as good as it sounds! 
Not the best photo of me but here's what we were wearing!

Leopard Print Dress&Red Belt - What Katie Did, I got this from the last retro fayre we went to, one of the stalls had it in their sale section for £10!
Vintage Leather Jacket - Sam got me this for my 20th birthday
Shoes - You can't see them but I wore red ballet pumps, we had to do a lot of carrying and lifting so had to choose practical footwear! If I wear this dress on a night out, I wear it with a sexy red pair of heels which are to die for!
Plaid Jacket: Vintage Christian Dior, I got this for Sam as one of his Christmas gifts last Christmas (Check out ASOS Marketplace!)
Shirt: H&M
Jeans: ASOS
Braces: You can't see them but he's wearing a black pair of braces which add to his retro look, £3 from eBay!

Well, that's all from me for now. Have you got any vintage fayre memories? I look forward to chatting with any other retro lovers! Georgia X


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