Friday, 30 March 2012

Out of Action

Well, the day has come and I am off to Mexico for 10 days. I'm so excited! I'm going with a big group and we're going to be building houses for families who don't have them. Oh and, spending a couple of beach days in San Diego at the end of it.

I'm sad to be out of action from blogging though, I was getting into this! I'm going to leave you with a few pictures from my latest fashion post on Chictopia first, though.

I love this outfit... There is prep oozing out of it. My trusty toms are out and being featured once again too. So grateful to my boyfriend buying me them, I think I need a couple more pairs. 

Well, as I am leaving today and I still haven't finished packing I think I need to say goodbye and carry on with that!

Talk to you all soon, Georgia. X.

Ps. I'm wearing my DIY necklace in the pictures.. If you still haven't, go check it out! X.


  1. very nice, very nice. The weather looks beautiful!

  2. Nice outfit! Love your Toms. Have fun in Mexico!

    Now following you! You can check out mine if you have time!

  3. Have an amazing time ! Now following you :) Hope you can stop by and check out my blog sometime when you are back ! Love your style :)

    sophiemayanne xo

    1. Thank you lovelies, I appreciate your comments! I am following you all back and looking forward to reading your blogs :) xx


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