Friday, 25 May 2012

A Little Story About Creation

I'd like to tell you a story... Now, this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned inside out. I'd like to take a minute just sit down there and I'll tell you how I became the... 

Haha okay, no you haven't stumbled upon an old script of the Fresh Prince! Really, I want some advice on blog artwork. I have made 2 headers, one for here & one for my etsy shop... I want to know what you guys think, how you make your art work, tips/advice and anything else you have to offer :)

I made my two headers on Photoshop on my boyfriends Mac but his charger broke so I'm having to wait for it to be fixed before I can do any more work on them or create more. Oh, another question the art works I have made are too big for twitter/facebook... How do I make them smaller? Or is that something I'm going to have to wait for photoshop for?

I do have a little story though...
I am a terrible drawer, you should see me on DrawSomething! My sisters on the other hands are proper artistes when it comes to drawing and other hands-on forms of artwork. My school art teacher told me I wasn't creative, when you're 14 it's hard to not label yourself with that. Since then I have learnt that creativity & artwork comes in so many forms and not to label myself after what one person said. It makes me laugh to think my current job is actually a 'Creative' Assistant. I just want to encourage you guys to shake any stereotypes and labels which have been put on you and explore those things and make them your own. I did that and I would say now that I'm a very creative person. 

I'm still learning though and would love the creative advice of you guys, I'll attach both headers to the end of this post and you can let me know what you think etc :)

Have you guys checked out Satiable Fashion's Etsy store yet? There are some great finds on there and I wish I could keep them all myself. Go on check it out :) 

Well I hope you guys are having fun, whatever time it is where you are :)

Georgia X

Header 1:

Header 2:

Thoughts... ♥

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