Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Night Away: York

I love love love being able to get away and devote time to charity shopping, gazing at antiques I can't afford and don't have a house to put them in and eating good food. I love that my bf enjoys this as much as me (I don't know how I got so lucky!).

We decided to go for the first time to York. It is such a beautiful city and if you haven't been I really recommend it. I'd love to live somewhere like that one day. It's such a cluttered mess of buildings that look so dainty and cute but yet so big and rustic. The roads are cobbled and the wall that surrounds it is an even better way to get to one side of the town to the other. Walking through one cobbled road I saw Philip Schofield but as soon as the words "Is that that TV Presenter" left my lips he had ran into one of the neighbouring shops and I wasn't that desperate for a photo. We didn't buy much other than a trip up the York cathedral tower (Beware: The stairs up are terrifying!), food and a gorgeous antique pair of earrings Sam treated me too. I'm already hoping to go again in the next couple of months to see the Mystery Plays that are being put on. If you're planning on going I can recommend a lovely vintage-feeling B&B which is currently being done up and a hidden restaurant where you can get a lunch meal and a glass of wine for under £5. We took some photos so I thought I couldn't not share some with you.

The perfect outfit for a rainy day 

The perfect companion for a rainy day

Here we are on the map

Here it is in real life: The Cathedral

'Civilised' Lunch

Inside the Cathedral 

I love the photo of the roof in the middle

A few photos from our Cathedral tour up the tour.. See what I mean about the houses being on top of each other? Those stairs were terrifying! Also, it looks like I have hair coming out of my nose haha.

The gorgeous, antique, turquoise-stone earrings Sam bought me... I love them!

Repunzel in her castle waiting for Prince Charming haha

We finished off in Nandos for dinner.. Yum!

I hope you enjoyed my York photo diary. Have you been away from home to do antique/vintage shopping recently? Where did you go? I'd love to hear about your travels.

Talk to you soon chaps & chappesses! Georgia X

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  1. I can see it was an amazing trip! love your shoes and pretty basic outfit. I've just started following you. :)


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