Friday, 4 May 2012

Wintery Spring

Yes, what a wintery day it was here today in England! I was driving my sister to work (What a lovely sister I am) and then went shopping. Unfortunately, the shopping was outside so it was back to the jumper wardrobe for me! What? Why am I complaining about wearing a jumper? I'm kidding of course, I was happy to fish out some wool.

This is actually a jumper I got my boyfriend.. I love it so much so I stole it for the day whilst he was at work. It's so big, comfy and warm - perfect for my day :)

 I took these photos myself but I don't think I did a very good job of it today, I wanted to show how comfy the jumper was. I had some fun with the overlays afterwards though.

You would not believe I've just come back from a sunnier part of the world, I look like I've just seen a ghost! At least it makes me different to the hundreds of orange girls parading the streets pretending they've just come back from abroad.. If I'm honest :)

Right, I have one last thing to mention and then I will leave you with the last photos. Brace yourselves because this is good...


Yes, such brilliant news. I will be kick-starting with some must haves for your summer wardrobe!

So start following me and keep in touch so that you don't miss the launch date. There's going to be some wonderful giveaways too which you won't want to miss.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos guys! Georgia X.

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