Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday's Favourite: Handbag

I don't particularly have a favourite handbag, I want to get another one so any inspiration would be much appreciated! I do have this really cute and chic Cath Kidston bag perfect for shopping which I received as a gift at Christmas. Cath Kidston have a huge range of bags with all sorts of different vintage-esque patterns. I thought I would pick a few of my current favourites!
A vintage twist on a modern fashion - £38
Quirky - £55
Perfect for 2012, London! - £24
Really cute - £35

The perfect bag to celebrate the jubilee! - £6

My only thing with Cath Kidston is that I do find them a little repetitive and there are a lot of companies copying the pattern out there so it makes it look even more repetitive. That aside they are an incredibly cute brand and if you like vintage but don't like to wear/use something that someone else has already used then it's the perfect range for you.

I have just come back from a last minute break to the Peak District with Sam (feeling very relaxed!) so I didn't get a photo of my bag so I dug up a snapshot from an old outfit post.
Bag - Cath Kidston
Dress - Primark
Cardigan - TK Maxx
Shoes - Accessorize 
Sunglasses - Accessorize

Well, I hope I have perhaps inspired you to take a look at a new brand you may not have heard of before. I am off to enjoy a relaxing night after a relaxing trip away! Georgia X


  1. The bags are so cute. That last pic of you is so cute too, I love the polka dotted dress.

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  2. So pretty bags! Yours is super cute :)

  3. These are adorable! You look lovely xxx


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