Friday, 21 September 2012

H&M, Autumn 2012 Collection

I just love shopping at H&M so I was very excited to look at the new catalogue when it arrived. Okay so I think I want everything in there! It is filled with coloured denim, woolly jumpers, classy dresses and so much more. It's all so well-priced as well, which is exactly what someone who's living life on a budget currently/planning a wedding needs. So I thought I would pick out some of my favourite pieces, which is going to be incredibly hard, and see what you guys think.
Lana Del Rey models a selection of clothes which I thought I would begin with as she is so fabulous.
My mum has two different shades of pastel pink jeans which would look gorgeous with this sweater. It looks so warm and cosy but yet still so glamorous, I love it!
I was planning on buying this for work and according to the web site it is already sold out! I love a fitted dress and this is perfect for looking glam in the office.
Leggings - £9.99 Blouse - £12.99
I'm not usually a fan of wearing overly-patterned leggings or trousers but I fell in love with this pair when I saw them. The peplum shirt is the perfect match.
I just love shirts like this and the fact that you can wear this one as a dress makes it even more appealing. It does make the model look slightly pregnant though, or that could just be how she's stood. Either way, if you buy it, make sure you're aware of your posture!
I really love this girly sweater. You know those winter days when both the sun and the temperature are low and you can't decide whether you're cold or hot? This style jumper is perfect for those days.
Woolly jumpers are one of my favourite things ever. I have a whole chest cupboard full of them at the end of my bed and there is literally no more room! I'm sure I could squeeze this one in somewhere though...
Again not something I would usually wear but I love it! It's so unique and I love the fitted shape, a very feminine piece.

Now, I told you that H&M's latest collections were full of bargains but did I mention the £3.99 dress? Yes, the £3.99 dress!
Limited to one per customer and only while stocks last, it's usually £12.99 so its a saving of £9! Yet another fitted, semi-formal semi-casual, sleek dress. The black patches under the arms do kind of ruin it for me, though. I just don't get the random patches on clothing where it's not necessary, like the patches on shoulders that were around last year. Then again, for £3.99 - I'd take it and wear it!

Well, I'd love to stay up flicking through the H&M catalogue and website picking out the pieces I want to share with you guys but it's getting late so I need to stop online window shopping or I'll never get up for work in the morning! I'd love to hear what you think and what treasures you have found in H&M's latest collections. Talk to you all soon and make sure you head back tomorrow for Friday's Favorite post! Georgia X

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