Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Learning To Sew

So I have been dipping my toes in to the sewing world slowly, everything about it defies my inner nature. I mean, taking it slow, being patient and reminding myself that I'm only a beginner so it's not going to be perfect straight away - it all goes against the grain.

I started slowly making a couple of drawstring bags which turned out to be very useful besides giving me good stitch practice.

I then made a set of cushion covers and a bolster cushion out of a vintage table cloth which are so cute and retro but they just don't go with my colour schemes in my home so I don't know where to put them!

Next I turned to a vintage pattern which was a huge test! After a couple of weeks I made a skirt but there were a good few thigs wrong with it and to be honest it's not something I'm ever going to wear. It threw me in the deep end though and I learnt a lot from it.

My first (gathered) waistband

Ignore my totes in the background!
I've decided that for now I am going to leave vintage patterns until I'm a little more experienced! I cannot explain how much I struggled with it haha but it is definitely something I would like to go back to.

I've enjoyed sharing my projects so far with you, let me know what you think! What were your first projects as a sewer? X

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