Thursday, 26 June 2014

Brigitte Scarves

While using my vintage pattern I had to keep referring to the internet for help and there was one blog I kept finding myself at, Tilly and the Buttons. So when I realised she had released a book I quickly purchased it. My plan is to go through it chapter at a time and do each project in the order she writes it in, I like to be methodical!

It's a really clever book - each chapter has a project and each one is harder than the next. The chapters don't bombard you with information, she teaches you all the skills you will need to complete that garment. Then the next section will use the skills you just learnt and teach you some more. It is exactly what I need and I recommend it to any beginner, like me!

So the first chapter taught you to make the different varieties of the Brigitte scarf, including creating your own pattern for it. Really simple but it give me good practice sewing in a straight line, making it look neat and I learnt about the seam allowance marker that's on the machine - I can't believe I never knew this before, my eyes have been opened and the world seems so much clearer! Haha

Brigitte Scarf 1

I made this out of a pillow case, I was nervous to cut into any new fabric as it was my first attempt! I think the pattern looks really pretty though and not too old lady-esque. Perfect for a chilly summers evening!

Brigitte Scarf 2

I made this one out of a bundle of vintage fabric I got at a flea market. This one is a large square which is hemmed along the sides. It's a really unique retro look which I will probably get more use out of come Autumn.

Well, I was looking to add my scarf collection and I can't think of a better way to do it! What do you think? Have you made any scarves? Next, Margot pyjama bottoms!

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