Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Margot Pyjama Bottoms

I just love the name Margot, don't you?! I also just love these pyjama bottoms. I thought it would be really difficult and was surprised that they were the second project in Love at First Stitch. I was happily surprised, though! These were the outcome of two afternoon's work which is record timing for me. (The stripes mess with your eyes in the photos and there is a lot of evidence that someone has been lounging in them due to all the creases, whoops)

Why am I leaning forward like this?! Haha

There were a couple of gripes I had though. Firstly, I seemed to have an issue with sizing when I pinned my trouser legs together - as you can see in the photo. Not sure what happened but I managed to fix it.

Secondly, when I sewed a rectangle around the drawstring opening I seemed to manage to sew through two pieces of fabric so that my drawstring wouldn't thread through. I didn't realise until I had finished the waistband so I had to just unpick the enforcement and leave it without - As I didn't fancy unpicking the whole waistband for such a little mistake! Does anyone have any tips to prevent this happening next time? The waist is too large for me so when I wear them I have to really tighten the drawstring so I worry about it coming undone.

I am pleasantly surprised at the overcome overall, it's so nice to have something in my wardrobe handmade by myself that I can actually get use out of regularly. Next stop, something I can wear outside of the house!


  1. Those look really comfy, trousers terrify me!


  2. I know it's a bit late, but I think your sizing problem is not such. The front and back pieces have different curves and are different widths, but that's fine, it's not a mistake; once you account for the curves, the inseam and outseam are the same length.

    They look great!

  3. I know it's a bit late, but your sizing issue is not such! Front and back legs have different curves and widths, but once you account for the curves the inseams and outseams are the same length.

    Nice job, they look great!

    1. Hi Ana, thanks for your reply that's actually really helpful! I just made a shorter pair from a different pattern and had the same problem. So this is supposed to happen??

      Thank you! :)


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