Sunday, 6 July 2014

Delphine Skirt

My first homemade piece of clothing that I can wear out of the house, and I have done just that - more than once! The style of the Delphine skirt is such a classic, versatile look. I plan to make many more! It is the third project in Love at First Stitch by Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons.

I am still learning the names for different fabrics, like the different varieties of cottons; but I used a thick cotton which has almost a wool like texture to the outside. I was at a flea market recently where there was a chap selling vintage fabrics, he let me fill a suitcase full for £5! Believe me it was very hard to squeeze the lid shut when I was done. A lot of the fabric is jersey materials which I know you are supposed to avoid as a beginner, any suggestions for simple jersey makes to get me started?

I am particularly pleased with the neat row of top-stitching at the bottom. It doesn't stand out from far away either which I was worried it would do.

I went on a short sewing course with one of my sisters, we learnt basic skills like invisible zips so I was pleased to put this skill to use. You can tell that I'm a beginner by the fact that I'm proud of putting in a zip! 
There had to be a mistake in there somewhere, didn't there?! As you can see, where I overlocked one of the side seams some of the stitching can be seen on the outside. I didn't notice it until the first time I wore it out. I think I must have cut the seam allowance to short and then the overlocker must have gone over some of the stitching. Does anyone know if that's right? Next time I will be more careful with how small I cut the seam allowances!

Has anyone else had a go of making the Delphine Skirt? How did you get on?



  1. The most important thing with knit is to get a decent quality one. A hint I got told was to gently stretch the cut edge. If it curls badly, don't touch it as it will be difficult to sew with, although as you get more experienced you can tackle these. My first knit skirt I bought the fabric from eBay, and it rolled terribly, the skirt was very basic so I coped, but it wuld have been awful on a more difficult pattern.

  2. Thank you for the advice! One piece was a thick wool jersey so I will check how it curls and may try the Delphine skirt with it as that wasn't too complicated

  3. Well done Georgia, I love your Delphine skirt! x

    1. Thank you Catherine, I really appreciate it :) x

  4. This is a great skirt, I love the colour, and congratulations on being able to wear it out of the house. It's such a great feeling. And good work on the zips, mastering those is something to be very proud of


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