Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Vintage Pattern: Style 2360

I have been very fortunate to have been given a gorgeous Style pattern from the lovely Claire at I Want To Be a Turtle (After watching Finding Nemo I have to agree, who wouldn't want to be a turtle?! 'Duuuuude!') She has a great blog, you should go over and give her a read!

The top this pattern makes looks so lovely and whimsical and depicts the 60's/70's hippy era for a housewife in my eyes. I think it would be a great addition for my housewife wannabe wardrobe. I plan to make this my next project once I finish the book I'm working on - which may be a little while away as my mum and Sam have both asked me to make them pyjama bottoms after they saw mine!

I thought this looked like it would be a challenge and I would have to wait until I was a little more advanced but after taking it all out and studying it I feel confident I will manage it! The variation I think I will begin with (view 3) only requires two of the same pattern piece and doesn't involve all that much instruction which I was pleasantly pleased about. So here's hoping!

Something I'm going to have to learn though is sewing elastic into a garment. I plan to teach myself this weekend when I make the next two pairs of PJ bottoms as that is something I really wish I had in my pair. Any tips would be appreciated! 

I will keep you posted when I begin this, I hope I find a lovely material to do the pattern justice :)

What vintage patterns are you planning on making?

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  1. Hope you get on ok with this, they have a lovely summer feel to them.

    I've some photos of my future vintage makes on my blog, I get carried away with pattern buying sometimes, but they are so cute


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