Thursday, 17 July 2014

Margot PJ Variations

After making a pair of pyjama bottoms for myself, my mum and Sam asked me to make both of them a pair. I decided to do variations to both pairs so I wasn't just doing the same thing over and over, and to hopefully learn new skills!

My mums pair had the simpler variations: a patch pocket on the back and ribbon for a drawstring. 

I love the fabric, the colours are really pretty. Perfect for pj's! The ribbon is a lot easier to pull than the fabric drawstring I last did. I will probably choose to use ribbon next time too. 

The alterations to Sam's pair were a little more challenging. I finally dug into my stash of Jersey - dun, dun, dun! I figured that pyjamas were the best place to start as if it went terribly wrong no one else would have to see them. I'm quite pleased with the results, though. It stretched a bit but I just brought the seams in. I also decided not to add a drawstring but instead make an elasticated waist, this helped with how much it stretched by bringing it in. 

Putting in an elasticated waist was actually quite simple. I just didn't make a drawstring opening and sewed down the waistband as you usually would, leaving a small gap at the back. I cut some elastic, a few inches smaller than the waistband; threading it through with a safety pin attached to one end. I then did a quick size check, realised sewing the waistband had stretched the material (again!) so cut the elastic a little smaller, another size check (all good, phew!), hand-stitched the elastic ends together and then finished off the waistband. 

Two more pieces to add to my repertoire! Now I really really really want to get on with making my first dress, I have to make a muslin/toile first which I've never done before. Here's hoping I can get it done in the next two weeks before my holiday!



  1. I love the fabric for your mum's pair, where did you find it?

  2. We have a wonderful flea market every Saturday morning nearby and recently there has been a stall selling vintage fabrics from an old fabric shop in Manchester so we've been picking up all sorts of goodies! X

  3. This looks so cute x I love the fabric!

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