Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Shop Satiable Fashion

I keep mentioning that Satiable Fashion will soon be selling vintage fashion, well the time is getting closer! I am at last ready to announce the opening date and time to you all!

Sunday 20th May - 23:59 GMT

Ready to shop vintage?

As if the excitment of the shop isn't enough... The first customer at Satiable Fashion will get this fabulously, gorgeous, vintage costume ring as a free gift. The ring speaks for itself - it's fabulous!

So at the end of a very short blog post I just want to make sure you have understood one thing...

Become satisfied with fashion and 
Shop Satiable Fashion!

Got it? Hehe I am glad :) Goodbye for now, talk to you on Sunday! Georgia X


  1. So see you on sunday :D

  2. love your blog doll.


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