Friday, 11 May 2012

Vintage Monday

A rainy, cold, windy Monday stuck outside... Everyone's worst nightmare. Could there be a worse start to the week? Usually I would probably say yes but not this week.

I know it's now Friday but I couldn't let the week go without sharing mine and Sammy's adventures on Monday. It was a lovely surprise because neither of us had realised it was going to be a bank holiday so we had a last minute whole day free to do what we like.  So what did we do with ourselves? Spent the day outside at markets, vintage&antique shopping.

I think it is so special finding something that was once so precious to someone else and being able to make it precious to yourself. Once upon a time someone will have treasured the antique that you now own, it's like they passed on the baton to you and its now you're duty to look after it.

We didn't buy lots and lots but it was still so worth it. I got some bits for Satiable Fashion (you will see these soon in the shop!!) and we treated ourselves too, of course! I didn't get a photo off my outfit, it was such a cold day and as we were outside I stuck to jeans from Zara and a sweater from Hollister plus my great farmer style jacket from New Look so it wasn't anything that exciting.

We did get some other fab snapshots throughout the day though so I thought I would share some with you all...

Well actually the photos start from lunch time as we forgot to take any during the morning. It was so early I don't think our brains were properly functioning yet haha.

Hot chocolate and a bowl of chips, not healthy but it was a nice warm break during the cold day!

                          The lovely Sammy

The first thing I bought after lunch was a very needed trim of the fringe, as you probably noticed in my last photo! It was such a cute hairdressers attached to a vintage clothes boutique. 

I'm currently in the process of doing up an old vintage desk and this piece has given me some great inspiration for how I'm going to do mine! I want to paint mine in a duckegg blue but I'm now thinking of including a creamy white like in this photo. It looks so cute! I'll be sure to update you all on my desk when it's finished.

This has to be our funniest find of the day. Some 'I'm feeling a sin coming on' nun myrrh incense sticks. Haha the woman didn't look too happy that we were taking a photo of them but they're just so funny! 'Warning: Can cause Virginal behaviour'

Some cute finds...

Cute, vintage hats...

This next photo has to be my most FAVOURITE photo ever. Sam got his hands on a 'ScaleXtric GP1' from the 70's in mint condition. If you had been with us on Monday you would honestly think it was Christmas day. This photo just sums up how he was feeling...

You can imagine that as soon as we got home the first thing he did was put it up! (This photo is a bit fuzzy)

Well, at the end of the day my boot was full with my wellies and our finds over the day! 

It was a lovely day and well worth a trip out! 
Have you been vintage shopping recently? Had any good buys? I'd love to hear about your trips!

Don't forget I will soon be selling clothes here at Satiable Fashion so keep checking back! It's going to be so exciting and there is going to be some amazing things you won't want to miss!!

Talk soon, Georgia X


  1. aww!! Lovely photos! Looks like you guys had a blast! And so lucky to have someone that enjoys thrifting! :) Veryvery luck!

    1. Hehe thanks, I am lucky! I am glad you enjoyed this post :) Be sure to head back on Sunday for the launch of my store! xx


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