Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Flatforms: Yes or No?

It's the rise of the flatforms, yet another 80's horror that is back to haunt us. I hate to admit, though, that they're growing on me. Bloggers, celebrities and chic people in the streets are all donning this style and they're beginning to make me think that maybe they're not all that bad.

Just in case you're sat there puzzling over what exactly a flatform is, it is this bad boy here...
Courtesy to ASOS
You can purchase them for £35, here
You can get them in all sorts of styles. You can get more girly styles, which are more like sandles at the top and you can get boots with the flatform heel as well. They come in a range of colours too, I saw someone with a pair which were black&white striped. Now they were cool! I suggest you take a look at ASOS' range, they have five pages of different types! They're the perfect shoe for people who want to wear heels but struggle walking in them. The flat heel makes it feel just as if you were wearing flat shoes but you've still gained some height. 

Being such an unusual shoe, it is very easy to wear them wrong. If you buy a pair, please think before you wear! Most people wear them fabulously but I have seen it go wrong. Take Sunday's Olympics Closing Ceremony for example, I'm sure many of us were watching as Emeli Sande performed two amazing songs. She wore a gorgeous midi skirt and paired it with a real rock chic leather jacket. Her only mistake, in my eyes, were the flatforms. At 5"4 Emeli isn't the tallest person around and those big shoes with such a feminine not-quite-full-length skirt made her legs look really short. Maybe she likes the short, dumpy look; I don't know, but I just think she could have looked so much more fabulous in a pair of flats or heels.
Credit to wherever it is due for this photo
Olympics Closing Ceremony - 12/07/2012
It's not all bad, though! As I said, some people wear them just fabulously. Take a look at Rihanna and Elle Fanning's girly twist on flatforms.
Courtesy to www.celebstyle.com
I just love Elle's "granny chic" patterned dress and how she pairs it with a pair of fun, quirky sunglasses. Her flatforms bring in both the granny chic and the quirky which, if you haven't realised already, I love! Rihanna, I just love this outfit. Again, she's gone for a quirky outfit (when doesn't she do quirky?!), her romper is so summery and fun. Her anklet is really chic too and matches her flatforms just perfectly. And, what did they both do right? They paired their flatforms with an outfit that showed off their legs! Short skirts or shorts or super skinny jeans are the ultimate for showing off your legs!

Okay, well at the end of this post I have fully won myself over. I am a fan of flatforms. Wow, I never thought I would ever say that! What do you think?

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Georgia X

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  1. The platforms are ugly but when i see this pictures i think... Why not? :P


  2. Hehe I know what you mean about being won over... I hated them at first and now I don't mind them... Like the rihanna ones. :)

  3. Hiii lovely (: i’ve nominated you for the liebster award on my blog! Have a look: http://www.sarablahblah.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/the-liebster-award.html!

    and i'm also being won over by flatforms! they grow on you... like a weird mould.


  4. I don't know well if I like or not :D

  5. I never thought i'd ever buy these when they first came out but i also have to admit they're growing on me! Still not sure if i'd actually buy them though x

    Currently hosting a giveaway which is set to end in just a few more days if you fancy a pair of galaxy print leggings!


  6. I don't know Im still on the fence about it! Even though they look great on Rihanna I'm not sure I can carry it off that well!



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